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Eclipse Heating and Cooling Offers Complete Ventilation Duct Cleaning

Located in Hermiston, Oregon, Eclipse Heating and Cooling is here to provide air duct cleaning, furnace cleaning, and vent cleaning services that are both affordable and professional. We also serve customers in Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington. By blanketing our service area to reach so many customers, our hope is to educate as many homeowners as possible to why it is so important to keep your air ducts clean.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning:

  • Dust or Mold Issues: If you can see growth of any kind (dust, mold, or anything that is attached to eh sheet metal that shouldn’t be there) on the inside of the air duct, a service technician should be called in to determine what it I and if the system should be cleaned. Be aware that there are a number of areas of you duct work that you will not be able to see so, even though what you can see might look fine, there could be problems lurking elsewhere.
  • Vermin or Pest Infestation: If you believe there is an infestation (dust mites, vermin, or other pests) occurring within the home air duct system, then you should call in a professional service technician to determine how and where the vermin are getting into the system, and how to eradicate the problem. A thorough air duct cleaning should occur following this maintenance.
  • Clogs and Debris: If there are excessive amounts of dust clogging the system, causing it to work inefficiently, thus disrupting the quality of your indoor air, it is important to call a service technician to release the clog. These allergens and other particles could be released into your indoor air and potentially cause respiratory and other breathing problems. Once the clog is released, a thorough air duct cleaning should occur.

The Benefits of Hiring Eclipse Heating and Cooling Duct Cleaners:

  • Eclipse Heating and Cooling duct cleaners prides itself on making a commitment to ensuring they maintain a drug-free workplace by screening all employees regularly.
  • All employees working at Eclipse Heating and Cooling receive on-going training for duct cleaning.
  • We have received numerous awards through the years. Maintaining a consistent record of achievement in the industry.

Our commitment to providing quality service is evident by our continued record of accomplishment in service awards and consistent employee training efforts. We want our employees to stay on top of changes in our industry, but we also want to ensure they maintain top quality knowledge and understanding of the latest trends and methods for home heating and cooling.

When you want the most experienced duct cleaning service, with the highest commitment to customer service, look no further than Eclipse Heating and Cooling.

For professional duct cleaning and sealing solutions in Hermiston and the surrounding areas within Oregon, or anywhere in the Tri-Cities area of Washington, call 541-564-1031.