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New Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

The world of heating and air conditioning has seen quite a few changes and improvements on old designs in recent years. Upgrades have come in leaps and bounds. The old world enjoyed window-unit air conditioning or large outdoor air conditioner units which took up a large amount of space.

Another thing that can be seen as a way of the past is the hundreds of feet of ductwork running throughout your home. There are many issues that come with ductwork. They can fall apart, animals can find their way inside, and objects and debris can build up leading to contamination and air quality issues. All of these issues are being solved through the proliferation of ductless air conditioning units.

For quality installation, maintenance, and repair of current or future ductless mini-split units in Hermiston, Stanfield, Echo, and Pendleton, Oregon, as well as the Tri-Cities of Washington State, look no further than Eclipse Heating and Cooling.

New Ductless Air Conditioning Systems Heat and Cool Your Home

Ductless units have become more popular lately for many reasons, such as the aforementioned clean air-quality issues and the possibility of the ducts being compromised.

Another great reason or switching to the ductless unit in your home is the fact that this unit can be used in any size home, it doesn’t matter if it’s a small medium, or large residential home, due to the fact that there is no ducting to run through the home.

Just set up a ductless unit anywhere that you wish to cool down or heat up. This allows more control over the heating and cooling in your home, while also making it easy to maintain the temperature throughout.

Each ductless unit has its own thermostat and control system, automatically segmenting your home into HVAC “zones.” By choosing which rooms need the ductless units and which do not, you will increase your comfort and save on heating and cooling bills. Why heat and cool the whole house if you are only going to be in one or two rooms only?

The Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling

Another huge benefit of the ductless heating and cooling system is that I provides you with the quietest operation available. A large outdoor unit or an old fashioned window unit is going to do a good job of cooling certain rooms, and possibly the whole house on a mild day, but at the end of the day those units are incredibly loud and you will hear them. Not to mention that a window unit blocks one of your windows.

The ductless unit has a small exterior unit and individual vent units mounted between the walls and ceiling in each desired room. These units run at such a low volume that you can still go about your day without losing focus since they aren’t as noisy as standard central air units.

Daikin: Most Popular Ductless System

Daikin is a leader in the residential ductless heating and cooling unit community. They are a brand name you can trust and someone you can count on when looking to switch from the old model of air conditioning to the new age of ductless heat and air pumps.

Daikin also offers the 3D certification on their products, meaning that certified dealers can offer you the absolute best warranty in the business. If you’re looking to enter the new era of air conditioning units, then you can do no better than to go with Daikin, installed and serviced by Eclipse Heating and Cooling.

Not only do they pride themselves on having the best nits in the business, as well as the best warranty, but they do everything possible to make sure you’re taken care of as their customer. You’re not going to find a better company for this purpose, a better unit for your needs, or better people to work with.

When you want to upgrade your home comfort system with a new ductless mini-split system, just call Eclipse at 541-564-1031 to get the best heating and cooling team in the area.