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Heating Installation by Certified HVAC Technicians

Your central heating system should stand the test of time. Most units rarely need a full replacement within the time you own a house, but there are exceptions. Damage to the unit due to improper use or lack of maintenance can lead to a necessary replacement. If you build an addition the size of your home changes, meaning that you will need to upgrade your central heating and air to accommodate for the larger space.

Moving into a new home can also mean a necessary replacement if the unit is at the end of its life or was installed incorrectly to begin with. Regardless of the reason, Eclipse Heating and Cooling is there to help you, start to finish. Our talented team of experts can help you identify problem areas and solutions, then guide you to the right system for optimal energy efficiency and cost. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll install the new system for you as well.

Always Get a Professional Installation

Furnaces, heat pumps and HVAC units all require proper installation. If your central heating unit is installed incorrectly, then efficiency drops and, in the worst case, the system strain can cause the unit to fail. When properly installed, the efficiency of the system tends to be higher and will be less prone to failure down the line.

Protecting Your Walls

One often overlooked aspect is how improper environmental controls affect your home. Your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings may seem very strong, but a surprising truth is that they are easy to render more brittle than they should be. If your environmental controls run inefficiently, the ambient humidity in your home may reach higher than 70%, which will create an environment ripe for mold to grow. While your home may continue to look great, the structural integrity of your walls can begin to fail from the inside. At the same time, if humidity falls to less than 40%, wood supports can begin to dry out and crack, weakening connections and leading to additional structural problems. The instability of these changes is the worst part of all, because repeated stress hurts a building as much as it does a person.

When you want a professional installation, the best service team in Hermiston and the Tri-Cities area is Eclipse Heating and Cooling. We have decades of experience and maintain regular training to stay on top of industry changes.

Schedule an inspection or call to get a free quote so we can help guide you to the right replacement furnace or heating system for your home: 541-564-1031.